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Taking On Complex Property Division

The end of marriage represents uncertainty. Divorcing spouses are dealing with life-changing times and are dealing with a future that is anything but predictable. In addition to working through support and custody-related matters, they also need to determine division of marital and nonmarital property.

I am Rhea Dorsam, a divorce attorney, with over three decades of experience in helping my clients move on to a new chapter of their lives. I can make certain that you are treated fairly when it comes to property division issues arising during a divorce case.

Navigating You Through The Property Division Process

Whether contested or uncontested, divorce is already an emotional legal process. Divvying up property can become contentious. My focus will be on protecting your rights to secure the fair and equitable division of marital assets that you deserve. In many cases, parties can reach a middle ground through a property settlement. However, I will not hesitate in taking your case before a judge if that provides the best possible resolution.

It is important to recall what is at stake during the property division process. Negotiations include possession of your home, retirement accounts, valuable property obtained during the course of your marriage and your finances. That is why it is so important that you receive fair treatment during the property division process.

A marital dissolution does not mean that you have to lose everything. As your lawyer, I will be sensitive to your financial needs, both now and in the future. Finding a cost-effective resolution in mediation or litigation is paramount in providing you a sense of clarity to an unclear future.

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